I’ve started my ‘Outfit of the Day’ Vlogs – what did I need to get started?

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Well with Beauje I have always enjoyed the videos that we created, such as the how to care for leather handbagshow to care and store jewellery, pearl care etc, so now that I am sharing my daily outfit posts on Instagram, it seemed the next step and a way to be different amongst all of the other styling posts.

Anthony is fabulous with helping me try anything new, so supports me in the vlogging concept – he loves technology and if we happen to need some new toys, then all the better. Some points we needed to work out were –

  1. A clean and tidy background – looking into the laundry or having cords and junks behind me just didn’t cut it.
  2. Plus could not be backlit – we tried in front of windows, but the light creep around the blinds washed me out too much.
  3. I like having the tub chair behind me, so I can place my handbag on, plus also gives a prop in the background, without being too busy.

So armed initially only with the iPhone, I started my ‘Outfits of the Day’ vlogs every couple of days. However, we have found that with the tiles in our place, the sound just through the phone microphone is a little ‘tinny’ – such as in this one.

Hence the purchase on the week-end of the ‘Rode VideoMic Me’ – plugs into the headphone jack of most devices and also comes with its own ‘dead cat’ – or in correct terms ‘furry windshield’ – which allows us to record out in the wind – todays was outside and whilst some ambient noise, I don’t sound so ‘tinny’ – agree?

Specifications of this Rode mic can be found here.

I have received great feedback on Instagram and also Facebook for the few videos to date. So thinking this will be ‘my thing’ – my point of difference. I do find that I have to keep them short and sharp – 30-45 seconds is perfect – as anything larger has difficulty uploading to Facebook. I am also using these on YouTube, so you can’t get away from me.

Do you vlog at all? – tag me your vlog so I can check you out.

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