Shoe Wheel – fabulous shoe storage idea

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I love my shoes……anyone will vouch for that. But I haven’t been that good at storing them I’ll admit – they often are just tossed into the wardrobe. Shoe Wheel – fabulous shoe storage idea.

So recently I completed a ‘How to Care for Shoes’ video on our YouTube Channel and of course felt so guilty for how I have treated my shoes. As video prep I researched some shoe storage units and voila this shoe wheel was a must – one was quickly despatched to work from

Finally it came home with me, but then I opened the box. I was somewhat overwhelmed by the numbers of parts and the instructions….so that dampened my enthusiasm for a few days. Come the week-end I was determined – so Anthony set up the time lapse camera – because he insisted it was a good video op. I had also checked YouTube for video instructions – so was armed with the hard copy and soft copy how to’s plus a screwdriver and I was away.

45 minutes later and some swearing to start with it was together and looking fabulous. You must look at my super-fast building technique here – .

I have managed to double up some flats so have 23 pairs in here. But sadly there were shoes feeling left out…….so another shoe wheel has just come home with me today and the rest of my shoes will feel loved on the week-end – when two fabulous shoe wheels will grace my wardrobe.

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