Skin Scans – Do you have a regular check of any moles, sunspots etc?

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Skin Scans – Do you have a regular check of any moles, sunspots etc? – Everyone knows that Australia, and particularly Queensland has a very high rate of sun cancers – apparently Queensland still has one of the highest rates of skin cancer, including deadly melanoma, in the world.

I recently had my two yearly Skin Scan and had two basal cell carcinoma (BCC) frozen off. My skin type and no family history allows me to get away with the two yearly checks, but of course if I found something changed I would get it seen to. Your regularity may be totally different. I do have lots of moles, tags, red things etc, but most are 100% okay and just part of getting older.

For those of you new to full skin scans it involves –

  • Referral from your GP if you wish to claim some rebates through Medicare
  • Visiting the Dermatologist – I visited Dr Scott Webber – who is about to open his own private practice at
  • Chat with the Doctor’s nurse, confirming any family history, all issues etc
  • Down to underwear – including removal of shoes
  • If you have any issues elsewhere (I have moles on my breasts), make the Doctor aware and he will check
  • The Doctor examines all of your skin including scalp, face (I forgot not wear makeup but as only light all good) and between your toes and fingers too
  • This examination is through magnified lensesHowever as mentioned I had two BCC’s ‘frozen’. I could have left them but would prefer them gone. I’ll admit the Cryotherapy (“freezing”) really ‘smarts’. It is very cold, and has come up looking very ugly – generally it blisters and then lifts off the skin cancer or abnormal cells – allowing new skin underneath.
  • How often do you have your check-ups? Susan
  • If all okay then off you go with a reminder to return in two years.
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