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My Mum would be saying ‘hallelujah’ if she was still with us about the Bridgets. I can still recall back in the ‘80s Mum struggling with her thighs rubbing together – there was always a smattering of talcum powder in our bathroom, as that was Mum’s ‘fix’. Now here I am in my 50’s and the heaviest I have ever been, and I can truly appreciate how uncomfortable my Mum must have been for so many years.

There is really nothing worse than sweating in this Queensland humidity, then walking along feeling your thighs rubbing together, trying to appear cool calm and collected, when all you want to do is hop under a cold shower.

When I spotted the Bridgets on some lovely Instagrammers I knew I had to get me a pair. I must have been sending some vibes out to the universe as before I could get myself organised and order, I was very kindly offered a pair to review**……and voila here I am.

I received the black – think I need to order a nude pair too to wear under white – and am wearing M/L. So far I have worn the Bridgets under shortish dresses, because really that is the main style I am wearing this summer, but also trousers for work, and love them. They do exactly as promised ‘…..stopping thigh chafing’, plus much more – tick.

I love that the Bridgets give me a smooth line; no more worrying about the style of knickers to be worn under items. Normally when I want a smooth line I wear the typical ‘suckem ins’ but really hate getting them on – I feeling like I’m trying to squeeze a sausage into a casing – and its really not an attractive look – tick.

The first time I wore the Bridgets I realised that the slightly strange sensation of feeling cool around my butt was obviously the ‘wicking away sweat’ technology in the fabric – tick.

The lovely and soft fabric blend of nylon and spandex also means that I can push the legs up higher on my thighs, for shorter dresses, without the hemline digging into my leg, but still having a good covering over the thighs for the anti-chafing – tick.

The Bridgets are also a great price at only $35.00 and an Australian Brand – tick.

This many ‘ticks’ equates to a great product – for me anyway. Want some yourself – check out

So Mum, am thinking of you, and wishing you were here to experience a comfortable summer in some Bridgets too.


** Gifted for Review

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