My Favourite 5 Christmas Traditions

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Everyone has their own favourite Christmas traditions and fond memories for Christmas. Below are mine – what are yours – please share


  1. Ham, eggs, tomato and toast for breakfast

This tradition has been in my family since I can remember. As a little girl in Gladstone at Nanna’s, I would be in charge of the toast while Dad sliced the ham and Nanna and Mum were onto the fried eggs. Years ago my Dad relinquished the ham slicing to Anthony and the eggs became poached, but still the same core ingredients. My Dad loved this tradition and we continue it still. Note we also have this on Boxing Day.5 fav Christmas Traditions


2. Full roast lunch – start cooking soon after breakfast

Over the years we have tried the cold lunch being prawns, ham and chicken, but think the roasted chicken and vegies is the favourite – roasted pumpkin is yummy, even though I wouldn’t have touched it as a little girl.  If you have air conditioning then this isn’t a problem; you aren’t sweltering in the kitchen. It feels though that no sooner do you wash up from breakfast, open some pressies, then you are up and into the kitchen again. Well the chicken does need a couple of hours, so as I am not an early riser the timing works out this way.


3. Straight after lunch get out the Tupperware serving centre – fill with snacks

Doesn’t everyone do this? Maybe not the Tupperware but the snacking? Another tradition from Mum. You fill it with some dip and jatz, chocolate coated peanuts, lollies, chips, nuts and maybe some cherries if there is room……need something healthy I suppose? This comes out pretty much straight after lunch, just in case any room left.5 fav Christmas Traditions


4. Play Canasta or a board game

And what is the snacks without being consumed during some games. My family favourite has always been canasta or crib, but Anthony and I do ‘mix it up’ with some other board games. The snacks are there so they ‘have’ to be eaten, right? But I do normally lose at the majority of games……except crib……take that honey.


5. Complain about eating too much but still having toast with ham for dinner

Dinner rolls around and you pretty much are rolling too with the amount of food consumed. No-one ever feels like dinner but you know… have to have dinner. Suggestions here are normally just ham, as Anthony sliced heaps at breakfast, on toast – maybe too many carbs, but hey it’s Christmas, what the heck.


Have a safe and happy Christmas, Susan

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