Toe Nails – Painted or not?

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Nothing is more satisfying than buying a new pair of shoes and having a foot spa and a pedi right?  Maintaining your feet is so important as they are so over worked and underpaid. Toe nails – Painted or not??? – thoughts?

Now I have wonky toenails thanks to my wonky genetics.  I got Aunty Lou’s toenail second on the right and my grandfather’s third on the left, mum’s big toe nail on the right hand side and dad’s on the left.  Some weird evolution happened to my pinky toe nails with one being the biggest nail on my feet and the other one isn’t even an excuse for a nail! So a pedi in my world is an interesting experience – however I do enjoy the attention.

However I was raised to believe that painted nails were for the ‘racy’ ladies, so to speak!! My mother and grandmother told me that real ladies didn’t wear toe nail polish, so that was a fact of life for me.  Being as ladylike as I am I never painted my nails!

The thing is though I also didn’t wear peep toe shoes – which go hand in hand with painted toes, right?  Now that I am ‘mature’ but still not ‘racy’ I can see that perhaps my mother and grandmother were just a little too conservative.


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