My top ten tips for a girl’s night in…….

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  1. Be sure to invite your best friend.  Sounds pretty basic doesn’t it, but often we take for granted that she will be there.  Make a special effort to give her a personal invitation.  After all you need someone to help clean up the mess!

2. Pick a theme.  I know everyone scoffs at dress-ups but there are so many themes that are fun and everyone can get involved. Here are a few ideas.

  • A colour theme (i.e. pink party (makes the music choice easy too!))  Pink food, pink napkins, pink decorations!
  • A food theme (i.e. Indian, Chinese, pizza – if you aren’t a cook you can order it in) Decorate for the occasion in the theme.
  • A Champagne Slushie night – no explanation needed. Just need Champagne and glasses!
  • A Party Plan night (i.e. Tupperware) – let the demonstrator be your entertainment

3. Plan your music for the evening so that you don’t need to fuss around when the CD finishes – upload to your phone and have it playing continuous.

4. Buy good crackers and cheese.  Even if you don’t think you will want nibblies – by the evenings end you will want nibblies.

5. ONLY buy good wine and Champagne – don’t skimp on quality here!  It’s not worth the hangover.

6. Chocolates everywhere!

7. Candles everywhere!  Not to make it romantic but to create ambiance.  Try to only use the same fragrances though or you will have everyone in a fit of hay fever!

8. Have the kids sleep over somewhere for the night – these are the nights to cash in on the IOU’s.  (Always a good idea to let your kids sleep at other people’s houses just to keep the IOU’s in your pocket!!)

9. Dress pretty, put on makeup, do your hair, wear your jewellery and feel wonderful about yourself!

10. NO MEN ALLOWED!!! (Unless one is a stripper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Do it! Have a girl’s night in soon.

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