My 11 quality hotel ‘must haves’ from our recent travels in Eastern Europe and Singapore

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Sometimes your hotel can make or break your holiday, can’t it? Travelling has its challenges at the best of times – from flights, language differences and sometimes just too much to do, so I for one enjoy having the niceties in my accommodation – to just be able to relax and unwind at the end of every busy day.

On our most recent trip into Eastern Europe I realised that there are some consistent ‘must haves’ to make travelling that much more enjoyable.

  1. Good quality and plenty of towels – plush, fluffy towels are a must. In Saint Petersburg we had four for the two of us, and they were changed during the evening turn down service too. Whereas in Prague there were only the two towels and so very thin.
  2. Robes and slippers – I enjoy using all facilities in a hotel room and love nothing more than having a soak in the bath, then wrapping myself up in the fluffy bathrobe, and sliding on those slippers. Singapore was amazing and had robes in two lengths – perfect for my 6’3” husband.
  1. Separate doonas – we got used to the no sheets – even though not keen on that, but in Vienna we found separate doonas – great idea – Anthony likes to wrap himself with a doona, almost like a sausage roll.
  2. Plenty of those cute sized toiletries – particularly more than one bar of soap, but they all matter. Prague again only supplied one small bar of soap and it wasn’t replaced, however Saint Petersburg and Singapore were superb, even including a loofah, comb and nail file, as well as the usuals – they may also have come home with me – the suitcase was a little heavier by the end of three weeks.
  1. A large bathroom with plenty of bench or shelf space – am sure we all have heaps of toiletries when travelling and like to have room to set items out, or at least room for the toiletry bags. I really dislike when there is no room and your only option is the floor.
  2. Open rubbish bins – this is a weird one you may think but I realised I dislike the pedal type bins. Normally they hit into the cupboard, or they don’t open far enough and you have to bend down to put rubbish in – the bins are being emptied each day so just give me an open topped one please.
  3. Multiple glasses – more than one glass each, so you don’t have to use the same glass for brushing your teeth as having a drink.
  4. Bottled water – even if the tap water is okay to drink, I love to have bottled water – also handy to then take sightseeing.
  5. A good system for identifying when room is to be made up. Saint Petersburg only had the sign on the door, but they must have had a system in place, as we never saw housekeeping on the floor and our room was always made up when we returned (maybe there was cameras 😊). Singapore also had an electronic system that lit up when we left the room, however Prague we returned at different times of the day and room had not been serviced.
  1. Windows that open or a balcony – I enjoy fresh air, not just air conditioning. In Minsk we had this cute Juliette style balcony overlooking a lovely park. Even in Banff at Christmas a couple of years ago we enjoyed standing out on the snow-covered balcony.
  2. Good sound proofing – check if staying in a heritage style building, that they have added soundproofing, as you really don’t want to hear a couple on their honeymoon – another Prague accommodation ‘issue’.

So tell me……..what are your ‘cant do withouts’ when travelling?

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  1. Dave Jefferies says:

    Hey Susan

    Loved your blog, great food for thought.
    Anthony’s sausage roll impersonation 😆 and those honeymooners in Prague hey. Sounds like the hotel in Prague could take a few lessons from your blog.

    I think good quality TV with a remote that actually works is a must have, after a big day , don’t want to spend time trying to get the Tele to work. I too think vanity basin space is very important, need room for your items. Also that pedal bin, nothing like banging it into the wall in the middle of the night 🙈. A shower that doesn’t turn the bathroom into a kiddy’s wading pool also very important. I too like a quiet room, so u can sleep peacefully. After looking at your pictures I’ve realised how 1/2 ⭐️ My camp accomodation is…… no slippers no robe no double doona or fluffy towels sigh. Hey but all is not lost….. long live the free wifi

    1. Susan says:

      1/2 star LOL…… wifi is a big plus though. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  2. Denise ryan says:

    All true Susan and sometimes the rooms are so small u can’t open your suitcase. Taps which u can’t tell which is hot or cold.

    1. Susan says:

      Oh yes to the taps and all of the different showers too. This last trip I needed to have a minimum of 25 sqm rooms……….otherwise yes the suitcases would have been an issue 🙂

  3. Judith says:

    Hi Susan … yes, yes and yes! Great tips. Dale also enjoys a chat with the concierge about bars and restaurants. It is surprising though how many have no idea! Even in Canada, where English is spoken so no language barrier to overcome, we found front desk staff really had no idea about local hidden gems. Xx

    1. Susan says:

      Thanks Judith…….yes I would agree except at our hotels in Saint Petersburg and also Singapore……we found the staff fabulously knowledgeable 🙂

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