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Well it’s been several months since that ominous doctors visit telling me that I just had to find some form of exercise I could make part of my life.

Well I tried that hula-hoop…….and it broke first outing…….it was only $5 from Kmart so really what could I expect – NEXT. I also tried a dancing type video on YouTube but felt so uncoordinated and silly – NEXT.

My hairdresser Kim does Opacize – basically think Jazzercise from the 90’s but to Greek music, so off I went. I did end up going a second time – even without Kim there – at least the second time I could hide down the back. Whilst I enjoyed it, even though again so very ‘un-co’, and lovely instructor and other ladies, who were a variety of ages and sizes, the Monday or Wednesday classes close to home are from 8pm to 9pm……..and come on……I’m normally in my PJ’s by 6pm, and in bed by 9.30pm – just couldn’t bring myself to keep doing it – NEXT.

I had my appointment with the sports physiologist, Mauricio from Body Organics and he is great. Did lots of checking of my walk (I have a definite hip swing), my flexibility and I filled him in my joint pain etc. His first recommendation was new shoes, just to be 100% sure that my foot pain wasn’t from them – CHECK (oh and may have bought some cute exercise tights too whilst there lol). On a side note I actually went back to the Asics store to exchange the new shoes as first walk I had heel slippage – but who knew there are all of these different ways to lace your shoes – they showed me how to do ‘heel lock’ lacing and I walked out again abit more knowledgeable with the same shoes.

Mauricio also recommended me doing some pilates classes – the reformer style on machines. So I have been doing those classes on a regular basis now, either private or semi-private, which so far has only been with 1 or 2 other people. I can feel that my core is getting stronger, my alignment apparently is better, and I am engaging different muscles as I move. For example, when I previously climbed stairs I would only be using my front thigh muscle, which pulled on my kneecap and caused pain, however now my hamstrings work more and less pain – amazing. Body Organics have classes at Annerley and West End, so I go between these BUT the biggest issue with doing these ongoing is the cost. Private classes are $100 per hour and semi-private $50 per hour – and my health fund only rebates $36.00 I think per lesson with yearly max of $400 – so that wont get me very far.

I am also trying to walk a few times a week. Primarily once on the week-end around home and then a 20 minute walk at lunchtime on my work days – down through the Botanical Gardens, which in this cooler weather is very pleasant. 

So moving forward, I plan on continuing the pilates, but maybe have to push back to once a fortnight, keep up the walking and try to find a third fun thing – the search continues.


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